Diary: Don't you love a denier?

Is it just us, or do the founding fathers of Adam & Eve look a lot more attractive now that they are multimillionaires?

Diary: Don't you love a denier?

What James Murphy, David Golding, Ben Priest and Jon Forsyth, the powers that be at new shop on the block Adam & Eve/DDB, will do with their loot is anyone's guess. As many of us now are skint by comparison, like lottery winners on a housing estate, Murphy et al will have to accept that the drinks are on them for quite a while.

The deal was possibly one of the worst-kept secrets in the advertising industry and kept us gossiping since March. But at every party, there's always a pooper. Step up, Stephen Woodford, who denied the deal was happening right up until the very end.

In an e-mail he sent to all his DDB staff on 29 March, he said: "Campaign has just landed on my desk and a rumour that DDB is buying Adam & Eve is at the bottom of Claire Beale's column on page 2. This one has been going around for weeks, along with other potential acquisitions. Despite all parties denying it, they've chosen to run it. This is simply not true. Nor are we acquiring anyone else. Any questions, please contact me." Er, they may have a few questions now, Stephen.

We'll just file it under "universal ad agency fibs" next to "we never really had the account, it was only a project" (when an ad agency loses an account) and "we'll never sell to WPP" (just before a shop sells to WPP).