Diary: Don't be a smart-arse

Diary is hearing murmurs of sartorial tension coming out of the top media haunt Soho House.

It sounds as though the sharp-suited media set are edging out the creative luvvies and the club's owners are attempting to introduce some sort of "dress down" code in a bid to preserve a more laid-back vibe. As a result, Soho House regulars, thought to include the best-dressed man in media, Channel 5's sales chief, Nick Bampton, have been warned that they should change into more casual attire and lose the ties. While it is unclear whether cravats are exempt from the clampdown, it seems that the media boys are willing to put up a fight for their right to look smart. We're looking forward to some West Side Story-style Jets versus Sharks stand-offs between media and creatives outside the club.