DIARY: Doorman shown door in McCann revolution

It's all change at McCann-Erickson. Just in case you've not heard, there's a new chief executive, a new creative head and a new chief operating officer in town.

However, change always comes at a price. Just ask Roy Duckworth - the 68-year-old doorman has become the latest casualty of the McCann revolution.

It seems his face no longer fits with the agency's thrusting new image.

After 14 years of faithful service, Duckworth is being retired (he had been told he could work to the ripe old age of 70).

At his retirement party, he left revellers in no doubt as to why he was leaving. Quashing any speculation that he was leaving of his own accord, Duckworth stood up and announced that he was being put out to grass.

That move ought to stop the Birds Eye account from walking out the door, eh?