Diary: Get down with the kids and jump on Facebook

Forget pouring over statistics and writing pages of analysis to prove the effectiveness of an ad. There is a new measurement tool in town.

It's called facebook.com. It seems that the most entertaining way for the populace to show their appreciation for anything is to form a group on the site and wait for others to join. And this is now happening for a number of recent ads.

As far as Diary can tell, the latest Snickers execution with Mr T is the most appreciated ad, with 56 different groups of people all striving to show how much they like it. There are also ten groups who love Fallon's "the baking of Fabia ad".

But one cheeky scamp shows there might not always be a correlation between liking an ad and investing in the product. His group is called "The Skoda ad is great, but it wouldn't make me buy one".

And for those who think the site is the sole bastion of teenagers - ask everyone in your office to put up their hands if they are a member and marvel at the huge number of sheepish paws that reach skyward.