Diary: Draft man swaps focus groups for feature films

Yet another adman has put down his BlackBerry and picked up a quill in order to write a bestseller.

Joshua Ferris, a former Draft employee in New York, has written a book that draws strongly on his experiences picked up at the agency and the pressures of a full-time job in advertising.

Then We Came to the End is based around the sheer hell, or absolute delight, one can glean from working for a living and "sharing a stretch of stained carpet with a group of strangers we call colleagues" or "sitting all morning next to someone you'd deliberately cross the street to avoid at lunch time".

His book is an insightful, funny and sometimes cruel look at how the jobs we do, and the people who we share them with, can affect our lives and how we lead them.

One passage, which describes the pointlessness with which meetings can be arranged, says: "We had a meeting and when the meeting was over we thanked the meeting makers for having made the meeting."

Ferris has used the book as a stepping stone to a career writing feature films.