DIARY: Droga's style of eating was as first suspected

You may remember a diary story last week concerning the eating habits of one Dave Droga.

We may have inadvertently given the impression that, despite having exquisite taste in art and decoration, Droga was a bit of an offal-eating, culinary ignoramus.

Well, nothing could be further from the truth. It turns out that the frozen pizzas, spam fritters and economy fish fingers in his fridge were only there because his wife - a film student - needed to feed the crew on her latest project.

Now we all know how passionate Droga (nicknamed Dave Yoga) is when it comes to healthy living and Campaign apologises for implying that he would ever even look at pork pie, let alone eat one.

We publicly acknowledge that if we were to look in Droga's fridge today we'd find nothing but alfalfa sprouts and steamed celery.