Diary: From Dulwich College to dominating adland ...

Welcome to competition corner. Diary would like to take you back in time. To Dulwich College in the mid-70s, to be precise, when this picture of the members of the rugby fourth XV was taken.

This shot comes to us courtesy of John Carver, the boss of the brand experience company Cunning, who was one of the team.

However, Carver wasn't the only Dulwich rugger bugger to make a career in advertising; two others also became familiar faces in adland. But can you spot them?

Stumped? Here are a few clues: one has followed in his father's footsteps to run a major UK agency. A calm and amiable character, a familiar figure on the agency social circuit and much involved in the industry's charity.

The other is about as controversial as they come: a man of independent views, expensive tastes and three ex-wives (not to mention muscles that Popeye would be jealous of). Soon to depart these shores to take a top job at an ailing agency in another part of the world. Answers below.

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