DIARY: Eddie Jordan cruises in leaving OMD chief executive starstruck

As the dearth of new business continues to dampen the knitted brow

of many a nervous agency chief, what better way to escape the drought

than a spot of sunshine in the Med.

But while Colin Gottlieb, the chief executive of OMD Europe, was doing

just this in Spain a couple of weeks ago, he had a stark reminder of

what his life could have been if he'd been allowed to follow the calling

of his heart, rather than his wallet.

Minding his own business at the not-too-shabby beach bar of the hotel in

which he was staying, Gottlieb was sipping a brew when the peace was

disturbed by two huge cruisers thundering into the bay.

Who should jump out but none other than Peter Mead, the vice-chairman of

Omnicom. Not alone, mind. "Do you know Eddie?" Mead enquired casually as

he introduced the Formula 1 playboy Eddie Jordan to the starstruck

Gottlieb, who'd always wanted to be a racing driver.

Who says the industry is losing its glamour?