Diary: Edinburgh wowed by the wit of the reality-TV stars

At this year's Edinburgh TV festival, TV types chose to put aside worries about the future funding of TV and ignored George Galloway debating the influence that TV can have on social policy to cram into an auditorium to hear Jade Goody's and James Hewitt's wisdom on the future of celebrity TV.

And what an insightful debate it proved to be. Hewitt, who has starred in no fewer than five celebrity shows, was brutally honest, admitting he took the celebrity TV shilling in order to shore up his popularity.

"People disliked me before but now, because of reality TV, they just hate me," he said. And Jayne Middlemiss admitted she signed up for Celebrity Love Island because it gave her a primetime ITV platform. Fortunately, she quickly remembered herself and said she also found it a spiritually enlightening experience.

Goody, meanwhile, entertained the crowd in her inimitable fashion. Her finest moment came when she had to ask what ilk meant, at which point - and in unison - her fellow panellists told her it was a type of animal.

She nodded appreciatively.