Diary: Edwards happy to mix business and pleasure

There have been rumours flying around Leo Burnett this week that Andrew Edwards, the group chief executive, may be dusting off his rugby boots and giving it one last try to make it as a professional - following the appearance of an all-time rugby union great in the agency's foyer.

Edwards himself was a hard-hitting scrum-half in his time and competed at county level before deciding to hang up his boots.

However, when the Australian legend Michael Lynagh appeared in the reception, tongues started wagging about the purpose of the former international's visit. Some said it was to give tips on a comeback, others said that Edwards (pictured) had been to see The Wrestler one too many times.

Meanwhile, others correctly concluded that Lynagh was there on business, in his role as the marketing director of the online company Adstream - but why let that little fact get in the way of one man's dreams?