DIARY: Eight is Butterfield's magic number as he unveils consultancy

Fleet Street hacks never cease to be amazed by what agencies call themselves. They're as fascinated by the mass ego trips that require everybody's name to be on the door as with enigmatic monikers such as Soul, Farm and Spirit.

No such confusion about the latest newcomer with a catchy title, though. It's Butterfield 8, which, as any bookworm or movie buff will tell you, is a tart's phone number.

Not quite the expected inspiration for a strategic brand consultancy which numbers such serious industry players as Bob Willott, the agency finance guru, and the top planner Chris Forrest among its consultants.

But it was far too tempting for Leslie Butterfield, the Partners BDDH chairman, for whom Butterfield 8 was a launch waiting to happen.

To the uninitiated - and everybody still the right side of 45 - it should be explained that Butterfield 8 was a 1960 film about New York life based on the 30s novel by John 0'Hara.

Elizabeth Taylor, still shackled to MGM at the time, was reluctant to play the role of the call girl alongside Laurence Harvey for fear of damaging her image. But she went on to produce an Oscar-winning performance.

Doubtless the cerebral Butterfield will also be hoping to knock 'em in the aisles with his credentials performance based on the figure eight.

'It's all about contrasting past brand ideologies with where those brands are heading in the future,' he gushes. So no sex, then?