DIARY: Enlightening news on The Darkness' singer

They've been described as theatrical cock-rock revivalists, overblown, camp heavy metallers and the band that comes from Lowestoft via Hell.

They're called The Darkness, they're about to be massive and their flamboyant lead singer, Justin Hawkins, likes to flounce around the stage in a leopardskin-print jumpsuit open to the waist.

But did you know that as well as fronting The Darkness, Hawkins is also an accomplished jingle writer? It's completely true. In fact, he's so good, they used to call him jingling Justin.

Hawkins began his advertising career with a radio jingle for (who else?) the Church of England. During the following three years, he produced music for Tango's "clowns" TV execution and did all the singing and voices on a Yahoo! radio Christmas campaign.

But Hawkins' piece de resistance came last year, when he created the Schlomp song that provided Karmarama with the soundtrack to its last Ikea campaign.

It's just a shame that M&C Saatchi didn't draft him in to work on its Curry's account. Then, perhaps, we would have been spared the awful "Curry's, always cutting prices" jingle the company is currently running. Now that really is Darkness.