DIARY: Euro bods in lock-in as hammered focus groupies pull prank

Focus groups - doncha just love 'em? The chance for your creative

genius to be confirmed by ordinary folk as you sit behind your two-way

mirror, safe and snug with the client and a bottle of plonk.

Well, not always actually. Witness the harrowing scenes from a recent

experiment at Euro RSCG Wnek Gosper's swanky new focus facility. The

punters who turned up to discuss a forthcoming campaign for Trebor's

Jelly Babies looked normal, but it soon became apparent that more than a

few ales had been consumed before they'd got stuck into the free booze

on offer in their cell.

The eight drank more and more, and - surprise, surprise - the four chaps

got rather out of hand. Our scientists heaved a sigh of relief as the

bell went for the end of lessons, and the unruly mob - now resembling a

criminal line-up rather than chin-scratching experts on Jelly Babies -

poured out into the corridor.

But quell horreur! The sight of a key dangling in the lock of the

observation room, which still contained our earnest client and agency

heroes, was too much to resist for the drunken hordes.

In the blink of an eye, the damage was done - the room locked and the

key drop-kicked into the ether by a giggling goon.

The night was saved by a quick-thinking planner, who cantered out of

reception in a bid to stop the bandits, only to find they'd slipped the

net and fled the scene. Meanwhile, six trapped clients and three Euro

bods were drawing lots to see who would be eaten first. Luckily, the

planner found the key and set them free.

'Wanted' signs are now plastered all over the agency - and the


Why, an evening in a padded cell with Mark Wnek, of course.


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