Diary: Euro RSCG chiefs bid big to get revenge on Troni

Beware the fundraising ruse: it can come back to bite you. Hard. Witness the plight of the Euro RSCG London client development director, Naomi Troni. Two weeks ago, Troni took delivery of some Borat-style swimwear; that over-the-neck thong that so flatters the male form.

Troni's plan was simple. Get Euro staff to raise funds for Comic Relief by pledging money against various members of the senior management team. The lucky boss with the most money against their name at the end of the week would don the trunks and serve breakfast to the rest of the agency.

By the middle of the week, things were looking grim for the chief executive, Mark Cadman, and the chief strategic officer, Russ Lidstone. The pair were well ahead, aided no doubt by Troni's mock-ups of what either might look like wearing the trunks.

But in a surge redolent of the late Desert Orchid, Troni came from behind in the final furlong with a stunning bid of £2,000. Who could have been so generous? Step forward Cadman and Lidstone, desperate to avoid the fluorescent fate.

Unsurprisingly, pictures weren't forthcoming when Campaign went to press. But to anyone at Euro who was at the breakfast and was armed with a digital camera, you know where to send the incriminating shots.