DIARY: Euro RSCG reassures us that its party has a, er, minimalist theme

The Diary is glad to see that the boys at Euro RSCG Wnek Gosper are trying so hard to reverse the reputation they have as heading a rather macho outfit.

Rather than trying to convince the world that Euro RSCG is not a place where advertising is a pseudonym for 'sleazy shagfest', we hear the boys are living up to their reputation and holding their Christmas party in - where else - a strip club.

But not just any strip club in Soho. Oh no, this invite to 'Lapland' is for the Mayfair Club. No ugly old hags for this classy clientele.

And you're not likely to miss your invite in the post either. Unless you're used to ordering black satin and pink fluffy G-strings regularly.

In which case, we can see why you're invited. And remember, dress is clearly less.