Diary: Euro shows Summer's Eve's star attractions

We've some sympathy for Euro RSCG London, the agency employed by Summer's Eve, a product for every woman's "intimate area" (according to its own website).

After all, communicating the benefits of Summer's Eve feminine wipes and deodorant spray without appearing tactless and causing offence is a difficult challenge.

So, Euro created a print campaign that, its press release says, attempts to reinvent the feminine hygiene category's "coy, inhibited and apologetic communications".

An admirable approach. But when the results involve a big star shining from a model's front bottom, it's liable to have the ASA crawling all over it before you can say "Brazilian".

Euro explains that the star is, in fact, a "ping" of confidence to show the cleansing effects of Summer's Eve in "a light-hearted manner".

While a similar effect could be achieved by placing a power torch inside of a pair of trousers, it's hard to argue with Euro that it has achieved the key objective: "Communicating which part of the body Summer's Eve is for."

God knows how it creates that level of shine though.