Diary: Even 50 years on, Diary can still spot similarities

The best creative ideas are said to be the timeless ones, which serve as a source of rich inspiration for artistic minds ... and creatives.

An eagle-eyed Diary reader couldn't shake off the sense of deja vu when they came across a particularly colourful ad from the 50s.

The poster is a promotion for a design exhibition held by the Italian information technology company Olivetti.

The aforementioned reader couldn't help but notice that the design looks remarkably similar to the latest ads created for The Guardian by Wieden & Kennedy.

Sure, you might all have had briefs where the best creative solution involves a bunch of big colourful curving arrows, pointing nowhere in particular.

However, let this serve as a warning to all the younger creatives: being "inspired" by ideas that are almost 60 years old will not escape Diary's attention.

"Borrow" ideas and Diary will point a finger - or a big colourful arrow - at you.