Diary: Even when fake Sorrell talks, everyone listens

Diary has written a few times in the past few weeks about fake Twitter accounts that have plagued some of adland's finest, but now it seems that one brave soul has gone after the granddaddy of them all: Sir Martin Sorrell.

At Twitter.com/notsirsorrell, users are treated to such make- believe Sorrell gems as "Here's something you may not know - the Martini is named after me" and "I am hiring a gardener. Either that, or I'll put a bunch more people on gardening leave. Apply now."

We also discover his purported feelings about digital: "Drop it off a cliff and make room for more TV." And on pro-bono campaigns: "Proper admen do not work for free."

But snide comments are clearly where Sorrell excels - or so the Twitterers claim - with everyone from Saatchi ("Charles has been copying everything I do for years. You get used to it") to Campaign ("There are so many references to WPP companies, you'd think I already own it") feeling his wrath.

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