DIARY: EVENING OUT WITH ... LOADED - This bunch of blokes isn’t as laddish as you’d expect

6.30pm Bar Six, Gabriel’s Wharf

6.30pm Bar Six, Gabriel’s Wharf

To be fair, it’s a night out with people working across IPC’s music and

sport titles (how great does that job sound?). We kick off at a

bar/diner famed for being an IPC haunt.

Soul boy Keamas Setna shows off the records he’s bought: Bobby Womack,

the Toronados and, inexplicably, Kiki Dee.

8.30pm The Stamford Arms

To the pub to watch Chelsea v Milan. Chris West gives us a good insight

into ’lad culture’. ’It’s changed the face of British fashion,’ he

argues, saying we wouldn’t have a clue how to dress if soccer fans

hadn’t adopted Italian brands.

West’s mates reveal he used to be as skinny as a rake until he started

working with fashion clients - then he developed an addiction to

ham-and-cheese croissants.

Rugby and golf fanatic Sam Quayham undermines his healthy image by

ordering sambucca shots. It’s his intention to drink us under the table.

Yeah, right.

12.30pm The Clapham Tandoori

Lager and curry, very Loaded, but there are only three takers so the

macho image is fading. It’s an all-male crew so the conversation turns

to that time-honoured subject, ’fit birds’, which pushes the Ladometer

score right up.