DIARY: EVENING OUT WITH ... SKY - Too much navel gazing proves Sky has no limit

7:00pm Circus

7:00pm Circus

All male, and all suited and booted, Sky appear in the bar looking like

the cast of Reservoir Dogs.

Two beers in, airtime sales manager Mark Reeve introduces us to his


’It used to be an ’innie’,’ he declares. ’But one day I was standing at

the bar and it popped out, so now I’ve got an ’outie’.’

8:30pm Vendome

’Apps’ (head of client sales, Graham Appleby) tries a few lines on a

couple of old ladies who look like Barbara Cartland rolled into Leslie

Joseph. Unfortunately, their hearing is clearly not what it was, and his

opening gambit about cocktails has them flummoxed. ’Not Bream,’ he

shouts, ’Breeze, Sea Breeze.’

10pm Langans

Other diners are looking a little unamused by our jokes (possibly ’cos

they ain’t funny), so we launch into DIY karaoke - much more


Business development chap Peter Berkeley does a passable Ian Dury.

Fearing for their ’relationship’ with the Langans management, Chips

(sales controller, Mark Chippendale) and Richard Hawking usher us into

the back room for a round of Irish coffees.

1pm Stringfellows

All the sensible people have gone home, but our editor is ushered into

the Cabaret of Angels. And the less said about that, the better ...