Diary: An Extra Large error by Hanwell McDonald's?

There was a time when any young creative would relish a chance to work on the McDonald's account.

Not any more. Trying to convince fat Britain the McDonald's menu is as nutritious as a placenta pie or a cod-liver casserole? Pretending that salads actually taste of something? Doesn't sound like our idea of fun.

And when you do finally find what you think is an interesting and original way to meet these impossible briefs, your beautiful work gets saddled with the jingle from Hell.

Having revealed a spectacular decline in UK profits last week, McDonald's is now feeling the pressure. The obesity debate refuses to die and the company has had to counter the recent negative publicity created by Morgan Spurlock's film, Super Size Me.

The company had taken quite a clever line, posting full-page long-copy press ads presenting a considered counter-argument. However, this strategy obviously didn't work in West London. To celebrate the relaunch of its Hanwell branch, McDonald's reverted to traditional marketing methods, offering lucky readers of the Ealing Gazette a voucher that entitles them to two large Extra Value Meals and two Happy Meals for only £9.99.

What's more, if you buy a large Extra Value Meal, you get another one absolutely free. One could argue that you get Super Sized. Strangely, the ad steers clear of this term, though "go large" is bad enough.