DIARY: Faithless' record Co. is shameless with its in-car entertainment

Some people have got the ability of smarmily sucking up to

creatives down to a fine art. Witness the PR machine behind the dance

music perennials Faithless, due to release their third album in the

spring, and now targeting adland's finest creative teams by bringing

said CD to their doorsteps.

But they're not just dumping a CD through the letterbox. Oh no, they've

hired a souped-up car which has been converted into a mobile studio,

meaning those harassed Soho-dwellers can recline in comfort and knock

back the champers while deciding if they like it enough to bung it in a

Toilet Duck ad.

The motivation for this approach? 'We realise creatives are busy

people,' the record company BMG crooned. 'We will visit creatives at

their convenience, allowing them to be inspired and entertained in true

celebrity style.'

If you're expecting to hear the rev of engines and thumping of music

outside your window, just make sure you're in the office on 28 and 29

March, because they're the only dates. Very convenient considering

Fridays are taken up by that weekly appointment at The Ivy.

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