DIARY: Fantasy Agency League

There's been some serious action at the top of the Fantasy Agency League. Sue Hildrey from Garretts and her team, the agency.

com, have been pushed off the top spot after 23 weeks. She has been usurped by Sandy Old and her (or his) team, MoB, with 1,219 points.

But don't underestimate Hildrey, who is second with 991 points.

Four teams drew with this month's most improved score, all rising by 116 points. They are Tim White (also from Garretts) and his team, Whiter than White; Duncan Murison from DP&A's Better than lumpy liver pants.com; Chris Coleridge from Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R and his team, Spin.

These three teams will share six bottles of Laurent Perrier.

The fourth team, FRA&N, was constructed by Campaign's news editor, Francesca Newland. She has generously declined any reward in anticipation of accusations of insider trading.