DIARY: Farmer plans terrorist raids on big business

The reputation of our beloved industry has taken a bit of a beating recently. Fraud allegations and accounting scandals are becoming almost as commonplace as pitches.

But if that weren't bad enough, the advertising and media world has now been identified as a prime target for terrorist attacks.

This is the belief of Ian Farmer, formerly of CIA (that's the media network, not the US intelligence agency), PHD and Interfocus. Farmer's latest venture, Security Services International (Hereford), is making merry with comissions to test the security of big companies, such as big agencies and media owners. It does this by staging mock-terrorist attacks and then reporting their success back to the bosses, leaving the poor security guards open for a bollocking.

As a sideline, Security Services International also spies on those people who are about to leave agencies and are threatening to take all the big clients with them.

What a shame it's come to this. Bring back the St Luke's model, that's what we say (or maybe not).