Diary: This fat creative should get on his bike

With green issues at the top of everybody's agenda these days, there are always going to be those few short-sighted and ignorant people who completely disregard the glaringly obvious writing on the wall.

However, there are also those that go so far that they become proud of bucking the constant pressure. And, while scanning the Financial Times, Diary feels it has found one such person who's abject refusal to bow to the extensive green peer pressure is so strong, he makes Jeremy Clarkson look like Captain Planet.

In a letter to Lucy Kellaway, the FT's management columnist, an advertising executive and number two in an ad agency, complains that she has found out that a rather, erm, big-boned gentleman in her company has taken £800 from the Cycle to Work scheme and spent it on paying the Congestion Charge for his sports car.

Apparently though, the rotund man in question (who can probably afford to be lackadaisical about green issues as he won't be around to suffer the effects) is a star creative, leaving the woman to question whether she should reprimand him or let him off - begging the eternal question: Is a talented creative worth his weight in carbon?

With no names mentioned in the letter, Diary wonders who the culprit could be? Now let's think, a senior creative with a penchant for sports cars ... We could be here for some time.