Diary: A field of nightmares for DDB's Hovis creative duo

Sometimes making ads is a dangerous business. They don't even have to be spectacular, stunt-filled spots or filled with killer animals to present danger to life and limb. Nope, they can be for something as innocuous as Hovis.

Shot in the most harmless of locations (a wheat field in Hungary), DDB London's ad shows a young boy and girl larking about as they grow up. The agency used eight actors ranging in age from five to 25, all of whom spent the week cart-wheeling, somersaulting, wrestling and playing tag through the field.

Given the lack of dangerous obstacles and the general risk-free environment, it's perhaps unsurprising that there wasn't a single plaster called for from the professionals all week.

But, bring on the DDB creatives and it becomes a different story. Dylan Harrison and Feargal Balance, the creatives leading the shoot, got restless behind the camera and decided to do a bit of frisking of their own.

Of course, it all ended in tears. Dylan tripped Feargal up. He broke his collarbone ... cue an unglamorous exit from the set for them both in an ambulance back to Budapest.

Perhaps they should stick to filming ducks in their ads in future.