DIARY: Film crew finds that Vauxhall youngsters have plenty of drive

When they say don't work with animals or children, they really mean

it. Especially when the little dears are 16-stone thugs who hail from

the local estate.

The latest unfortunate people to feel the rough end of this adage were

Another Film Company's Tim Marshall and Steve Reeves, who were filming a

BT campaign in dodgy Vauxhall.

Reeves and Marshall rocked up for the shoot, only to find that a number

of locals had come out to welcome them. How thoughtful.

"They were quite large kids, actually," Marshall says. It appears the

boisterous mob had enjoyed a few too many Strongbows, which didn't help

matters either.

With time ticking on and no way of disbanding this group of yobs, it was

time for some serious action. "In these situations you try and find the

local hard man, and that way you get rid of them," Marshall breezily

says. Er, how exactly? "Well, a few phone calls later you just kind of

find them, really," Marshall responds mysteriously.

This hotline to London's underworld delivered the goods, as Mr Hard Man

himself appeared and, as if by magic, the trouble-makers scarpered. "It

was a bit of a professional move," Marshall proudly says. "They

certainly knew this guy."

It wasn't all bad though; they did have the pleasure of a visit from

Hollywood superstar Winona Ryder, shooting just down the road. "Her

buttocks have graced our crew honey-wagon," Marshall boastfully states.