DIARY: Final fling for tobacco ads brings out the kid in cdp-travissully lads

Honestly, the way some of you ad agencies conduct yourselves leaves a lot to be desired. Cdp-travissully is the latest agency to show the world how not to behave.

It all started last week, when M&C Saatchi, having found the wrench caused by the tobacco advertising ban too much to bear, thought up a hair-brained scheme to give its work one last airing.

While Moray McLennan from M&C and cdp-travissully's Simon North were out doing the live TV news interview circuit decrying the end of an era in advertising, the rest of the M&C and cdp-travissully Gallaher account groups were playing silly buggers in Golden Square.

M&C's team commemorated its account's passing by parading the streets of London with the Silk Cut "fat lady" on a flatbed truck. After a morning of gallivanting, the team decided to park up in Golden Square and have lunch. However, the truck was left in full view of the cdp-travissully headquarters, on Lower John Street.

Quick as a flash, those naughty little scamps in the cdp Gallaher team leapt from their desks and clambered all over the lorry. Bad boys Tony Burke and Milo Campbell cheekily brandished a proof of their own multimillion-pound campaign for Silk Cut, the M&C client they worked with moments before the tobacco ban came in to play.

Campaign would like to make it clear we by no means condone this type of childish horseplay. Rest assured, cdp will be punished. Apparently the culprits have already had their fags confiscated.