Diary: Final hurrah for Highbury as media men go calcio

If Gooners thought Highbury had said goodbye to the beautiful game, then they can think again.

Ids, which sells on behalf of Bravo and its Italian football programme, Football Italia, has organised an Italian-themed football tournament, featuring four squads drawn from the media world.

The teams - Juventus, AC Milan, Inter Milan and Sampdoria - will line up against one another on 22 May at Arsenal's old ground before the club moves to its new home.

However, expecting Juventus to live up to the standard set by its famous namesakes (who this week clinched Serie A in Italy) could be asking a lot, given the ... ahem ... experience of this team's players.

The black-and-white shirts will be worn by the7stars' co-founder, Colin Mills - who, Diary is reliably informed, has been pumping iron every day in preparation - and ids' executive sales director, James Wildman, in goal. Aiding the Wildman will be OMD's Steve Williams (small, but niggly) and Carat's Steve Hobbs. Diary wonders if the famous Highbury squirrel will be making another appearance.