DIARY: Financial draw of ads too great for adland's poor and hungry staff

Can't quite find the right face for a job? Why not bypass all those annoying and time-consuming casting sessions by looking a little closer to home.

Yes, with the recession still in full swing and many salaries frozen, ingenuous agency staffers might consider getting involved in a little extra-curricular activity to keep their wallets full. And a bit of self-publicity never hurt anyone, either.

Take the clean-cut protagonist in a recent flier for The Observer's Drugs Uncovered magazine, from Mother. Anything look strangely familiar about the unassuming-looking family man beaming out from a headline screaming "Need drugs? Call Mike, your friendly local dealer"? Yes, "Mike

is none other than Paul "the Mother

Adams, one of the agency's traffic supremos, no less.

And he's not the only one at it. There's something distinctly familiar about the current Seeboard commercial. Anyone who could bear to actually watch the grizzly spot the whole way through its excruciating 60-second foray into what appears to be Iceland - of all places - may well have spotted a well-known face starring as the cameraman. Is that not The Brave Film Company's very own director David Hartley doing the dubious honours?