DIARY: Fink's finktank turns to a celebrity bender for its 'inspired' logo

Mind-bending cutlery contortionists don't often take time out from

their celestial activities to contribute to the less worldly matters of

designing a logo for a mate.

Unless, apparently, it's for Graham Fink, the mind behind

www.thefinktank.com - and the man able to rival the legendary

name-dropping skills of Marcus "me best mate's Elton" Vinton.

Fink recently took time out from his busy schedule of promoting the

site's $10,000 search for a logo to head to southern France and

lounge around at the aging, bearded Eurythmic star Dave Stewart's

wedding - as you do.

But while reputedly chewing the fat with U2 and Dennis Hopper and

shooting the breeze with the Rolling Stones (Fink, namedrop? Never), who

should tip up but his old mate Uri Geller, spoon-bender extraordinaire

and pretty odd bloke to go with it. In his dedication to the cause, Fink

immediately charged Uri with designing a logo for his website.

And what do you know, but the cutlery contortionist whipped out a piece

of paper and rattled off an etching then and there. What a talented boy.

As our readers will spot instantly, the "inspirational" design features

the two sexes, a bolt of lightning, and, crucially, the number 11. And

anyone not knowing the significance of this should be shot instantly, it

seems. "Uri said 11 is the magical number of the universe," Fink said in

appropriately reverential tones. Right. To the Campaign office it just

looks like a simple doodle, but perhaps our mind-bending skills just

aren't up to it.

Still, the site has had its fair share of interest, with a particular

flurry from the unlikely destination of Tasmania. And Fink can be

spotted sporting one entry, a hand-knitted tank-top emblazoned with "the

fink tank top" in green wool. What would Jagger say to such sartorial