Diary: Fire your cannon with new Doritos game

For its next interactive campaign for Doritos, Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO has decided to bring Dodgeball to the UK.

Dodgeball is a pretty evil sport played in high schools across the US, where students have to dodge balls that are thrown at them by, if the films are to be believed, angry, sadistic and probably impotent gym teachers.

The advertising twist on this campaign is that the consumer gets to play in real time and fire real balls out of a real cannon, using controls on a purpose-built website. It is claimed that the balls can travel at about 60 miles per hour.

After signing up to the site, which can be found at www.doritos.co.uk, players get allotted a time where they can batter people with balls until their time runs out.

This got Diary thinking that it might be worth running a poll to find out who you'd want to fire balls at. It can be a friend, an ex or someone you just don't like.

And if they're really good sports, Diary may be able to convince them to don some kneepads and a helmet and get dodging.

However, we here at Campaign Towers would never want to feel that Diary is one of those pages that dishes it out but can't take it. So for that reason, Noel Bussey (fresh from the hospital after knee surgery) will be putting himself, literally, into the firing line on a date that will be announced nearer the time.