DIARY: First no doors, now no weeds: Bull reshapes Lowe in his own image

Never let it be said that Matthew Bull isn't a man of his word.

Regular readers of the Diary will know that in an effort to promote a more open style of management, the Lowe chief executive had the doors to the offices of the agency's senior management team (including his own) removed.

However, his fellow managers disliked being watched by their colleagues so much they quickly had their doors put back (Jeremy Bowles, Lowe's managing director, assured us that he did so because there was nowhere else to hang his coat).

Not Bull, though. When he has a door removed, it stays removed.

What's more, he sent us proof of this: no, not a photo; no, not an eye-witness testament to the door's removal - Bull sent us the actual bloody door. And here it sits in Campaign's offices until we can work out what to do with it. Now let's have a moment's silence for the poor bugger who carried it up to our sixth-floor suite.

When he's not removing doors, Bull is busy toughening up the image of his agency. This week, The Guardian ran the pictured ad for Lowe's graduate training scheme. Tempted, anyone? If you go there and work hard enough, maybe one day you can have your own door removed.