Diary: Flamin' cheeky?

Burger King caused a flurry of excitement last month when it offered to co-operate with McDonald's.

Harvey and Walters' Big Mac Whopper: a tasty proposition
Harvey and Walters' Big Mac Whopper: a tasty proposition

The plan was to create a McWhopper burger for this year’s international Peace One Day on 21 September. But two creatives at DLKW Lowe  – Ewan Harvey and George Walters – aren’t lovin’ it .They had the idea for a "Big Mac Whopper" back in 2013 and even put it in their online portfolio. Other nuggets from the pair’s website include a "Coca-Pepsi" drink and an "AdiNike" trainer. After a grilling from Diary, a spokeswoman for Burger King said: "Great ideas like these can come from anywhere and they evolve over time."

Saatchi mourns

A sad tale from the Irish Independent. The childhood home of Maurice Saatchi’s late wife, the novelist Josephine Hart, has been demolished by Westmeath County Council. Saatchi was quoted as saying: "What a pity that the council didn’t notify me or have the simple courtesy to ask my opinion or advise me that the premises were to be demolished. I have come over to [the house in] Mullingar several times just to stand outside and peer through the windows. The physical presence of that building was a magnet to me even though I know it brought so much sadness to Josephine. That is now gone."

Perfect partners

Do you work in advertising yet feel unfulfilled by your partner? Well, now there’s a website to help you find that little something on the side – creatively speaking, of course. Ashley Madison Avenue matches copywriters with art directors. The site is the brainchild of Terri Meyer and Sandy Greenberg of the Terri & Sandy Solution. Diary loves the way people on the site try so hard to answer the questions creatively. 

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