Diary: Flashback to the 60s for Miami Ad School London

Forget all that cobblers about Tony Blair being George Bush's shoeshine boy and the UK being the 51st state. When it comes to making ads, we're still the dog's bollocks.

Happily, you don't just have to take our word for it. This is the verdict of Ron and Pippa Seichrist, the founders of the Miami Ad School, who have just set up their British operation at Saatchi & Saatchi's Charlotte Street home.

In their website message to potential students, the pair suggest they should be crawling across broken glass to learn at the feet of London's creative giants.

Mind you, Diary can't help wondering if the Yanks still think lil' ol' London is full of bobbies on bikes, bowler-hatted City gents and Beefeaters.

"Be part of the 'swinging city' that is a present-day reincarnation of the Beatles and the 60s," the website gushes. "Hang out in pubs and eat bangers and mash."

And where best to live while exploring this vibrant city? The ever-helpful website suggests renting a loft near Islington's Upper Street, "a trendy area filled with cafes, boutiques, art galleries and bookshops". Blimey.

Have these creative children got hundred dollar bills coming out of their ears?

Never mind, we can't argue with the school's final advice to its tyro creatives. "Be humble and learn."

"Maybe it is the British command of language or their sense of humour.

Perhaps it's their intelligence. Whatever it is, it wins them nearly double the awards of any other country in the world," it adds.

There, doesn't that give you a nice, warm feeling?