DIARY: Fletcher's latest tome finds the pub upsets the work-life balance

Life can be cruel. You can be successful, well-regarded and wealthy and yet feel there is just one more tiny piece of the jigsaw that would make your world complete.

Winston Fletcher, the chairman at The Advertising Standards Board of Finance and a non-executive director at Delaney Lund Knox Warren & Partners, is successful, well-regarded and, by all repute, quite wealthy. But he wanted more. In fact, he wanted to write just one more masterpiece to add to the 736 books on his CV.

So Fletcher has turned his attention to the issue that is bothering us all at present. No, not Garry Lace's salary, but the issue of achieving work/life balance. In Beating the 24/7 (John Wiley, £19.99), he interviews 16 business leaders from Dominic Cadbury to Nicola Horlick about how they get the balance right.

Justifying his latest and most timely book, Fletcher says: "Right through my advertising career, I tried to get my work/life balance right. I dabbled in politics, wrote books, was a theatrical angel, launched a Poem of the Month Club, went to every single party I was invited to, spent endless hours at lunch every day and even longer in the pubs every night. But I never got it right. Advertising always won out.

"So I decided to see how others had achieved what I had failed to, and interviewed all these guys who have both reached the top of the tree and kept their lives in balance. It was a humbling experience. They all just worked hard and played hard. But none of them spent nearly as much time as I did at lunch or in the pubs." So maybe Fletcher got that bit right, at least.