Diary: Following Flo on Twitter just makes him scared

Like everyone else, Campaign is Tweeting (to follow us: www.twitter.com/campaignmag), so Diary thought it would take a look at what adland's Twitterers were up to this week.

Clearly there are number of closet Eurovision enthusiasts hiding at an agency near you, with several Tweeting during the proceedings.

Never one to miss a branding angle, Rory Sutherland Tweeted: "Lots of people waving Norwegian flags. Or maybe Danish flags. Or Icelandic flags. Bit of a branding issue there, I think."

Meanwhile, VCCP's Amelia Torode informed the Twitterati about her more highbrow TV habits, Tweeting: "Enjoying watching politicians being heckled and shouted at on brilliant Question Time on iPlayer, excellent TV!!"

As Campaign ramped its Twitter activity up a notch, following a few more of the industry's top Twitterers, some started to get scared, with Dare's Flo Heiss, posting: "Oh dear Campaign mag is following me ... i guarantee for nothing ... i am such a PR disaster ... " We'll be the judge of that.