DIARY: Former Ogilvy staffer takes their revenge through e-mail rant

Like ageing, there's an entire book waiting to be written on the subject of resigning gracefully. And one person who probably won't be invited to contribute to it is the disgruntled Ogilvy Interactive staffer - let's just call him J - who exited the building last week leaving a trail of expletives, insults and dented egos.

They came - in true 21st century manner - via a lengthy e-mail which was thoughtfully bonged through as a 'Send to All' last week.

We hear from our plethora of willing sources that no-one was spared: 'Don't think you're secure in your job because x sitting next to you is stabbing you in the back'; 'my only regret is I didn't get the chance to stab you in the bollocks before I left', etc.

To print it in full, sadly, would be exposing the soft underbelly of Campaign to the lethal stabs of litigation, as well as taxing the eyes of our sub-editors, who are unused to more than one asterisk at a time in a sentence.

'Someone was very, very unhappy,' one source whispered. 'He picked off middle to senior management and really let rip - to everyone.'

Although it seems the lower echelons at O&M Towers were spared the wrath, even the agency's clients were targeted. Imagine the gasps at Ford and COI Communications when that message pinged into the in-box.

'It really put a few noses out of joint,' our source added. 'I can't believe someone would write it - that takes guts.'

Diary looks forward to reporting on his return to agency life: with a new name.