Diary: French sophistication meets English excess

Ooh la la. What a naughty, overindulgent bunch they are over at Bishop's Bridge Road.

To celebrate the arrival of the French creatives Thierry and Damian from DDB's Paris office, the DDB London creative team held a Bastille Day-themed bash. Picture the scene: berets and baguettes, 10,000 Camemberts and the promise of five tanker-trucks of vin de pays, all in the setting of Thierry and Damian's second-floor office.

But the party predictably got rather out of hand. Diary has learned DDB London's upstanding managing director, Jorian Murray, was none-too-impressed. In an e-mail sent to the creative team, he wrote: "What started as a fantastic party ended in drunken destruction, vomit and vandalism. Those who were responsible for the mess might want to go and take a look at what they left others to clear up. I hope you are suitably embarrassed by your behaviour."

Embarrassed? Diary doubts that. Just wait until the Christmas party, Jorian.