Diary: Fun flows at RKCR party despite Chocolate Nazis

To celebrate James Murphy making it through his first year at the helm without the founders' guiding presence, Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R held a party last week at a London club to thank his staff.

With an over-abundance of fishy foie gras giving the room an ever so slight whiff of Grimsby docks on a Friday night, the agency was soon literally grooving to Murphy's tune as he took a stint at the decks.

Tony Harris, RKCR's in-house music aficionado, also had a go on the wheels of steel, but not until he had spent at least ten seconds with his mouth firmly planted around the fun end of the vodka luge, much longer than anyone else dared try.

However, the biggest stars of the night were the over-zealous jobsworths in charge of the chocolate fountain, who were quickly labelled "The Chocolate Nazis".

Anyone standing too close to the contraption with drink in hand had it instantly taken off of them, while eager punters attempting to eat a marshmallow or piece of banana covered in chocolate received a lengthy lecture and demonstration - only slightly less nerve-wracking than a driving test or being strip- searched at Heathrow.

However, some people nearly didn't make it at all as the original invite had a wrong address, leaving them wandering around aimlessly.