DIARY: Future IPA chief needs an update on ad talent before starting his job

Forget your Kendal Tarrants, the Diary can reveal the industry's most impressive talent spotter at the moment is Simon Anderson from Advertising Principals.

Anderson's Fantasy Agency League team, Getty PWA, racked up an impressive 146 points over the month of February. Led by Paul Weinberger, Nigel Bogle and Christine Walker, Getty PWA has shifted up to 88th place in the League.

The performance nets Anderson six bottles of Laurent Perrier Champagne.

Meanwhile, the top of the League remains stable. Sandy Old's MoB continues to dominate. His top team, including Paul Simons, Moray McLennan and Paul Hammersley, has amassed a massive 1,419 points.

Less impressive is the performance of Hamish Pringle, the director-general designate of the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising.

You would have thought his insight would help him pick a good team, but 'Digitalis' has only picked up 452 points, putting it 182nd in the League.

Never mind. Perhaps by the time he takes up his IPA role in August, he will have had more time to study the industry's movers and shakers.