DIARY: Future Lowe big dicks have to set sights high

Farewell then to the "milk round" system of agency graduate recruitment.

So 90s. Welcome instead to the pissing contest.

For this novel new selection process, we're indebted to Lowe. As you may have seen, the agency, which has been having a torrid time of late, has been running a series of ads suggesting its graduate trainees need to make Spartan warriors look like pansies if they're to survive the Bowater House training regime.

Now it has stepped up the campaign. Visitors to the men's loos at the University College London students' union confront a urinal set three feet higher than the rest. Underneath is a sign that asks: "Up for a challenge?"

According to Lowe, this unique bit of ambient media has already resulted in at least double the number of applicants this year. May they all keep their peckers up.