Diary: Geoff! It's me, it's Franky, I've come home again!

Understandably, it got a bit emotional at the Lowe Howard-Spink reunion. Which may explain the paucity of pictures. According to a partygoer, the photographer "got too merry too quickly".

Not, however, before they captured this touching shot of Sir Frank Lowe getting up close and personal with his old business partner, Geoff Howard-Spink.

"Frank said he had to come," one former employee said. "The agency was his baby and he spent the evening grinning from ear to ear."

Not everybody was so relaxed. Sir Frank was never the most forgiving boss and some worried they might have to endure his infamous "hairdryer" treatment again.

"The biggest surprise was that some of them hadn't died of liver failure," one reveller observed. Was she have referring to Alan Waldie? Lowe's one-time creative hellraiser stuck to modest amounts of red wine. He has to be a bit more careful these days, he declared.