DIARY: Gerbils' rampage puts co-stars in danger on shoot for Bite viral ad

The latest viral ad for Interoute, the data connection network, features two elderly ladies using gerbils to act out the last scene of Gone With the Wind.

Even if you don't give a damn, you might enjoy the schadenfreude in knowing that the shoot ended with things getting a little hairy.

After a couple of takes, the gerbils decided to throw a creative tantrum and turned on their co-stars. A mini rampage ensued. At the end of it, the fingers of both grannies were rather the worse for wear, and the piano-playing days of the director, Jonty Toosy, were almost finished for good.

As for the gerbil wrangler, the hope is that the damage won't lead to permanent disfigurement.

Mike Beukes and Adam Fenn, the creatives who dreamed up the whole crazy idea, escaped unscathed. Clearly there's no justice in the world. Oh yes, we almost forgot to tell you the name of the agency responsible for the debacle. It's called Bite.

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