Diary: Who gets a rocket after Maxim slump? Erm, us

After Campaign revealed Maxim's abysmal April sales figures, Diary wasn't exactly expecting its editor, Michael Donlevy, to bike round a dozen roses.

But Diary feels his subsequent rant in an e-mail to staff, in which he called trade journalists "wankers", was a tad uncalled for. Embarrassingly, his e-mail made its way to more of those "wankers" he loathes so much and became a story of its own in other trade press.

In the rant, in which it can be noted he doesn't manage to deny the story, there are quite a few Donlevy gems, such as: "Trade journalists are wankers. They don't like Dennis - never have, never will. So they will give us a kicking instead of reporting that Esquire sold 15,000 or Arena sold four fucking copies."

He adds: "I am well used to, for example, the Men's Fitness Jan/Feb issue selling shitloads and, say, May selling fuck-all. Our ABC over six months is what's important."

At the end of the missive, Donlevy tries to give his staff a bit of a morale boost: "Finally, for the first time since I started, I feel as if we are close to having a team in place to do really great things with Maxim."

Yes, it's obviously team spirit all the way at Maxim Towers - what's a leaked e-mail between friends? For the full version of the e-mail, go to www.brandrepublic.com.