Diary: Ghana beats Tunisia in Yahoo! Media World Cup

Last week at the Wembley Goals Soccer Centre, the cream of the media world (or at least the ones who could be bothered to get out of bed), were playing in the inaugural Yahoo! Media World Cup.

The media agencies represented the countries that will play in Germany this summer and while most of the games were played in a good spirit, some teams showed a bit more passion than others.

During a highly competitive quarter-final match between Vizeum UK (Argentina) and Starcom MediaVest (England), players were heard swapping a few tasty verbal insults during a number of heated discussions.

Diary wonders if Starcom's pitches are this much fun to watch. Also, there should be a quick mention for Carat, who failed to even show on the day.

MediaCom (Ghana) beat OMD UK (Tunisia) in the final, which ended 1-0 to the WPP agency.