DIARY: God on the war path

Word has reached Campaign's ears that God is on the war path. And not for the first time, or so it would seem.

Folk over at the fashion hothouse French Connection doubtless thought it was a case of deja vu when they received an angry message from a David Abbott complaining about the new fcuk store windows emblazoned with the words 'fcuk Santa, let's shop'.

It would be easy to think that the founder of Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO had climbed back on to his soapbox following his rantings earlier in the year regarding what he described as the 'totally reprehensible' fcuk campaign.

So, with leadened hearts, the crew at TBWA/London wasted no time in calling Abbott at his Marylebone Road offices.

However, it appears that it was not the Abbott known and loved throughout the advertising industry, but merely a coincidentally named member of the public who shares his feelings about the latest fcuk campaign.