Diary: Going for a song, the address you all want

The irony of a press release about how media-related e-mail addresses fared in a recent auction on MSN in aid of the NSPCC did not escape our attention this week.

The release, which had been automatically computer generated, clearly hadn't been checked before it was sent out to journalists.

Apparently, adagency@hotmail.co.uk was the address of choice for those in the industry, with a grand total of four bidders fighting it out at a whopping £16. But all you media people had better get your skates on before the price of media-related names really rockets - medialovey@hotmail.co.uk was going for a massive £5. And media planners and buyers should now really know their place - mediaplanner@hotmail.co.uk and mediabuyer@ hotmail.co.uk were attracting bids of just 99p.

MSN clearly wanted to capitalise on its charity activity by sending out the press release. However, this time round, perhaps it would have been better to have just kept schtum.