Diary: Golant's brand new boots prompt 'naked' desire

Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO's Farah Ramzan Golant is certainly no stranger when it comes to parting with cash for designer labels or, more specifically, shoes.

However, Diary would like to hazard a guess that on her most recent trip to Florence, when she picked up a very expensive pair of what can only be described as hugely flamboyant wellies, she never in her wildest dreams envisioned them being worn by a total stranger with no trousers on.

Following a bit of a boozy night out at Covent Garden's Hospital club, the aforementioned boots caused such a stir that many of Golant's drinking buddies decided they wanted to get in on the action, so the footwear was duly handed around for all to try.

However, after they had been donned by a few pairs of feet, the boots then ended up being worn by someone who wasn't with the AMV party, and who not only paraded up and down the street in them, but also decided to take her trousers off to do so, leaving her in just her knickers.

Rumours that AMV is now pursuing the woman to star in its first work for Clarks are unconfirmed.