Diary: Goldfish's media buying fails to make a splash

Have you seen those new Goldfish print ads from Grey? They comprise a 200-word story lovingly crafted by well-known authors, including Meera Syal, Rik Mayall and Anthony Horowitz.

While Diary applauds campaigns that demand intellectual rigour, it wonders where that particular trait went when the boys at Starcom were buying its media.

On a recent visit to South London, Diary was astonished to see the long-copy ad on a rotating hoarding, which gave its audience barely ten seconds to start the story before it span on to the next ad.

And if the technology wasn't inappropriate enough, the location of the ads (on the traffic island of Vauxhall Roundabout) meant those fateful seconds could, in fact, have been fatal.

Picture the scene. Drivers eager to catch the platitudes of Sir Ranulph Fiennes take a cursory glance at the ad. Hooked to the story, they frantically circle the roundabout in a vain hope to catch more than 200 interrupted words of copy before pulling off on to the next junction.

To make matters worse, when Diary last visited the site, it appeared to be broken altogether.